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As we speak to clients to understand what their issues are and how we might be able to help, three issues tend to crop up pretty much every time with every employer. They are-

Marketing & promotion



In this article we aim to address two of the three issues above, finance and staff.

Finance-related occupations

As we hurtle headlong towards exam season and then the influx of young people leaving school and college we are being asked to find suitable apprentice candidates for a wide range of businesses. However one area appears to be cropping up more than others this year and that is in the area of finance. The reason we decided to write this article is to show the diverse nature of ‘finance’, the people within and the tasks they perform. So here is a round up of the finance related roles we are currently working. As you’ll see, there is a range of different types of employers and they each have their own requirements in terms of the type of person they are looking for. It’s more complex than “He/she’s good with numbers, let’s become an accountant’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


A very common topic for conversation around business circles is the subject of attracting and keeping good quality staff members. Here at The Apprentice Finder we understand the key traits that all employers look for in good quality staff members. When we’re assessing candidates we need to combine looking for evidence of these traits along with others that are more related to the role. Below is a round up of current positions as we enter the busy summer season.

Are you suitable for one or more of them?

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Current vacancies

To begin our round up, we’re going to start in Yeadon with an accountant based there. They are looking for someone who lives locally, has a can-do attitude and is looking for job security. This business is built on training and developing apprentices, which it has doen for many years now.

Next we move down the road a mile or so to Guiseley. Here we’re working with an insolvency practitioner which also has a great track record in hiring and developing apprentices. In the main they are looking for someone who is confident, interested in the world around them and studious. The offer here is an Advanced Apprenticeship.

Whilst on the subject of insolvency practitioners, we’re also working with a business based in Bradford who is also looking for someone to join their team. They would like someone who has empathy, tenacity and resilience so as you can see, even though they are offering a similar role, they’re looking for a different type of person.

Stepping away from the world of business-to-business finance to an employer that provides services to both businesses and consumers we have a chartered insurance broker in Morley looking for an apprentice. This employer is also one that is now well experienced in hiring and developing apprentices having done so for about 5 years now, most of whom are still with the company today.

Finally for this round up we head towards the world of personal finance and to an independent financial adviser in Leeds city centre who is also looking for a Financial Services Apprentice, albeit that the role is quite different to the one above!


So there we are. Five vacancies, all in West Yorkshire, all related to finance in some way, all offering something different, all expecting a different type of person. To discuss these or any of the other vacancies we’re currently advertising, please contact us on 01484 907080 or email your question to

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