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Front page business news

The Apprentice Finder becomes front page business news

You probably already know by now that one of our recent apprentice placements has won a national award with the training provider she’s enrolled with. For those that don’t, Chloe Gill at Trafficlear became Baltic Training Services Apprentice of the Year in March this year. As a result of that, the story from the perspective of the business became front page business news in the Federation of Small Businesses‘s magazine The Voice.

Front page of FSB’s The Voice

We appreciate reading the text off the image might not be possible, so here is the text-

Small firm helps employee win apprentice of the year

Chloe Gill from Huddersfield-based Trafficlear, has won Apprentice of the Year for the huge contribution she has made to the business since starting her apprenticeship in September.

Chloe is undertaking an apprenticeship in Social Media and Digital Marketing and found employment with Trafficlear with the help of The Apprentice Finder – an organisation that provides a free services to businesses to find and recruit apprentices.

Trafficlear’s Operations Director Andy Earnshaw, nominated Chloe for the award with a glowing account of how her hard work and positive attitude has strengthened the business in just a matter of months.

Andy said, “When Chloe came in to see us for her interview we told her that the person we chose would be expected to ‘boss the office’ within 3 months; bearing in mind that Trafficlear is a small company made up of three directors who for reasons of efficiency, needed organising! When she started with us we thought she would just be learning the ropes, but to our surprise, she took us at our word and immediately started to organise the office and us! It’s worked brilliantly. It has helped us to become more efficient and we feel so much more in control of the business.”

Chloe was initially tasked with handling the business’ social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as meeting and greeting customers. However it became apparent very quickly that her skills and abilities extended way beyond the social media and marketing techniques she was learning through her apprenticeship training. Chloe showed a real aptitude and talent for running an office in a small business and is now processing customer orders, managing deliveries and book-keeping in addition to the marketing.

Andy said, “With Chloe being able to take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks of running a business, our Technical Director has been freed up to focus more of his time on the technical aspects of the business. We’ve also been able to free up the time of our part-time accountant and they’re now concentrating on producing higher-level management reports to aid our planning and decision-making.”

Chloe will complete her apprenticeship in August and will undertake training in business management with a view to her becoming the company’s Operations Manager. “Hopefully in two year’s time she will be able to do a large part of what I do in the business so I can concentrate on maintaining and building our customer base, and taking part-retirement!”


If you’re reading this as a business leader thinking that you could benefit by having an apprentice similar to Chloe, please contact Adrian on 07538345854 or by email- More information on our employer support services can be found here.



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